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Brewing the Most Aromatic Beverage

Coffee BeansCoffee is perhaps the world’s most favorite beverage. The rich aroma, the soothing taste, and the kick-starter caffeine are the core characteristics of this beloved drink. While each individual has his or her own preferred style of coffee preparation, the most satisfying taste begins by roasting the best coffee beans.

Knowing the Best Coffee Beans

In the market, every coffee bean producer claims that they have the best coffee beans for brewing the best coffee in the world. There is no established general consensus regarding this claim since preference for coffee taste is often subjective. Nonetheless, general guidelines can help you pick the freshest and most aromatic beans ideal for brewing in your best coffee pot sitting at home.

Starting right from the root, two main species of coffee plant are known to produce the best coffee beans. Arabica and Canephora are two of the most popular and oldest coffee plant species. For connoisseurs, however, Arabica is the better choice over Canephora because of its richer aroma; hence, Arabica is preferred by expert brewers but can be really challenging to prepare. The Canephora species, on the other hand, is popularly used in commercial coffee brands.

Best Coffee In The World

The geographical location of grown coffee plants is another important guideline for brewing the best coffee. Coffee lovers particularly prefer coffee products originating from Kenya. These premium-quality beans, however, can be quite expensive compared to products originating from Brazil and Columbia. For the record, Brazil exports the largest volume in the world.

For home brewing, beans that have already been roasted are recommended since the process requires specialized equipment. In buying roasted beans, you have to ask the salesperson as to when the beans were roasted. Recently roasted beans are highly recommended compared to beans which were roasted more than a day ago. Another bit of information that you may want to inquire about is the style of roasting. French-roasted or Italian-roasted beans are among the best roasting procedures.

Preparing the Best Tasting Coffee

Picking the best coffee beans is just part of the delicate process of preparing the best coffee. Roasting style is a major influence on how the coffee would taste as it is finally poured into the cup. As a basic rule, the length of roasting time is proportional to the strength of the flavor. For French-style and Italian-style roasts, beans are very dark and strongly flavored. In order of strength, American roast comes next followed by European roast and finally the Viennese style.

An important aspect in brewing preparation is temperature. Water temperature ranging from 92 to 96 degrees Celsius (198 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit) is prescribed by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). As a guideline, boiling a pot of water must be done gradually. Raising the temperature rapidly has the tendency of losing dissolved air resulting to flat taste. When the mixture reaches boiling temperature, it must be kept boiling for several minutes while gradually lowering down the temperature. Abrupt lowering of temperature can result to incomplete extraction of the aroma and could make the beverage a bit sour in taste.

Another important factor affecting taste is water quality. You must use plain water that has no traces of unnatural taste. Filtered tap water or, if possible, bottled water is most preferred. SCAA recommends using fresh and cool water with 50 to 100 parts per million of naturally dissolved minerals.

Reviewing Seattles Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee is one of the most successful commercial brands in the market. With over 550 specialty coffee cafes, Seattle’s Best products have penetrated the instant coffee market with their ready-to-drink lattes. The company has over 15,000 food service locations in restaurants, bookstores, airlines, hotels, university campuses, and many more. Their secret lies in roasting just the best coffee beans brewed in special coffeemakers.