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Conical Burr GrinderMany coffee connoisseurs understand the importance of preparing their coffee correctly and insist that a conical burr grinder is the only way to grind the beans. While some people will simply drink any coffee beverage placed in front of them, an exceptional cup of coffee takes a little consideration.

Everything from the water that is used to the method of brewing and even how the beans are roasted and ground can affect the final flavor of your coffee. Fortunately, many of these factors are easily controlled with the right equipment and a little knowledge. If you want the best cup of coffee possible, you need to start with a great coffee bean and grind it for maximum flavor.

Choosing a Coffee Grinder

To start with, there are two different types of coffee grinders that are commonly used. These are the blade style grinder and the burr grinder. A blade grinder will be the least expensive, but it also has its drawbacks. Blade grinders use metal blades to chop the coffee beans. You can adjust the fineness of your ground coffee by how long you continue to process the beans in the grinder. There are a couple of problems with this type of grinder. First of all, the ground coffee is generally not consistent which can have an adverse affect on your brewed coffee. Secondly, the excessive speed and heat that these grinders generate can reduce coffee quality. Additionally, if you try to grind flavored or oily coffee beans, you will likely end up with very poor results. These machines can easily get clogged and can be difficult to manage, especially if used on a regular basis.

The other type of coffee grinder is the burr style grinder. These grinders use metal grinding wheels or burrs to crush the coffee beans. You can adjust the grind by adjusting the gap or space between the grinding wheels. One of the advantages with the burr style grinder is that it delivers a much more consistent grind which results in a higher quality brewed coffee.

There are two different types of burr grinders, the wheel or the conical burr coffee grinder. The wheel style spins very fast and can be loud and messy. This style is also the least expensive of the burr type grinders. The conical grinder is one of the best coffee grinders you can get. It is also the most expensive. In this style, the burr spins much slower than the wheel type of grinder and the result is a better consistency and quality as well as a quieter and less messy machine.

Best Conical Burr Style Grinders

If you are interested in finding the best grinder for your coffee beans, it is always a good idea to read a number of consumer reviews for various models. Consumer ratings can be an invaluable way to discover what actual users find beneficial or troubling with a product. These reviews are often easy to find if you do an internet search and should be a factor in your decision making process.

However, it is important to realize that everyone has their own likes and dislikes and a machine that one person likes may not be the ideal grinder for your needs. Likewise, just because someone dislikes a particular model does not necessarily mean that it is not the right one for you. What you should be looking for as you read through customer comments is a pattern of problems or a pattern of accolades and high marks. There will always be some people who are not happy, no matter how great a particular item might be. Additionally, people who do not take the time to adequately learn how to operate a new appliance will likely be disappointed.

Read through a number of customer comments to see if a pattern emerges. Consistent reports of machines breaking or not operating correctly will likely be something you will want to take note of. The same is true when you read numerous reports of how happy consumers are with their new grinder. The sheer volume of happy customers can be a good indication that it is a quality product. This is especially important when evaluating a conical burr grinder for use at home.