03 Anime Character 3D Modeling Tutorial 2020 Introduction to Sculpting in ZBrush 2020


By Daniel Kreuter

This is the third video in my anime character 3d modeling tutorial series!

In this episode I will give you an overview of ZBrush 2020, the sculpting software that I currently use. This is an introductory tutorial, therefore we will not go into too much depth about any particular topic, but it should give you enough knowledge to get started and follow along this series.

0:00​ Introduction
0:55​ News
1:12​ Introduction to ZBrush 2020
3:45​ Document
5:46​ User Interface
8:28​ Objects Overview
12:22​ Navigation
13:27​ Transformation
14:20​ Sculpting Basics
16:28​ Brushes
24:20​ Geometry Management
30:03​ Masking
32:54​ Polygroups
34:33​ Visibility
38:45​ Questions and Answer
41:36​ Ending

You can download the character references here:

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