1 Click Procedural Rock Generator For Maya

Lucas Morgan has updated his Procedural Rock generation script for Maya, adding a retopologize function that will create more refined geometry which is more adapted to the sculpting process and displacement. He also created an interactive tutorial on Youtube!
A new update from Lucas Morgan’s website explains how he improved upon procedurals with this latest version of “ProceduralRockGenerator”.

The video provides easy-to-do instructions so you can generate some rocks right away–even if your computer isn’t powerful enough or stable enough at home because these tools require very little processing power but give out amazing results while still keeping file size small in order not to burden game loads too much during gameplay.

a major addition of a retopology feature for retopologizing the rock geometry after it is generated

What is pseudo retopology? It’s not quite the real deal, but it lays some of the groundwork for what could be. The important condition to make this work well though are evenly sized faces and retaining your initial shape- which Lucas manages brilliantly with his technique.
A truly functioning tool in terms or topological editing will come about once we have more advanced software capable enough at handling large amounts of data quickly so as not to distort any details when reconstructed onto an object 3D model like models used by architects today.

Lucas runs through The 1 Click Procedural Rock Generator for Maya’s new Retopologize function, which automatically generates rock and stalagmite textures in seconds.

To check out what’s new with this procedural rock generator, visit CreativeCrash here.