11 Tips For Painting Weights In Maya

When painting weights in Maya, Vasil Shotarov shares some handy tips that can boost your workflow.

Painting weights is an important part of the rigging workflow in Maya. Love it or hate it, there’s no way for us riggers to automate this step and we need attention paid detail-wise which can make things easier on oneself if someone bestows painter wisdom with their vast knowledge base even though some may feel they already know most everything about how paint Weights effectively without any new tips learned today – especially those that Vasil Shotarov has collected over time!

With the recent growth of 3D printing, many people are now using textures instead of physically painting them on-model. Some artists have chosen to use plugins like ngSkinTools for their workflows in Maya because they find it easier and allows more control over how weights map onto surfaces accurately without having an artist manually paint each individual bump or highlights point by point which is time consuming when you consider there could be hundreds if not thousands that need doing depending upon your scene!

However some aspects were still less than ideal with this process such as being limited only checking off boxes before export whereas sometimes mistakes happen during import whether its oversight from previous sessions where something may’ve been missed.

Vasil’s tips include:

  • Simplifying geometries with thickness and copying the weights
  • Using simple proxy geometry to achieve very smooth weights interpolation quickly
  • Duplicate the geometry to get maya default bind on different parts
  • Copy and paste vertex weights
  • Use Post as normalization method when smoothing
  • Move skinned joints tool
  • Reveal selected joint in the influence list
  • Some handy hotkeys
  • Average weights
  • Copy and paste multiple vertex weights with search and replace
  • Print weights

Read the article showing Some tips for painting skin weights in Maya here.