13 Helpful Animation Tools For Maya

13 Animation Tools for Maya that will help you in your workflow

One of the best things about Autodesk Maya is that it has a plethora of tools and scripts to help you with your animation workflow. From plugins, one-click solutions or entire bundles for specific tasks – there’s something out there just waiting!

However if we were going solely by what this new video from InspirationTuts shows off then maybe not all hope would be lost as they demonstrate thirteen different plug ins specifically designed for animators working in either TV production OR web series creation on top those more standard offerings such as lights & cameras Control Panels Assistant Editors Motion Tracker Project Reuse Manager Behaviours Props 2D UVGenerator.

It’s interesting to note that our friend Brian Horgan holds four out of the thirteen spots with his animation scripts. Others include Animbot, TweenMachine and a few other full-on plug-ins like Ziva VFX.

A lot has changed since we first started developing animated content for marketers in 2008 – but one thing remains: With so many different tools available now (and at all price points), it can be hard knowing which ones will work best for your needs! As you’ll see from these five examples below; there’s no right or wrong choice here – as long as they fit into any strategy designed around increasing brand awareness online via video marketing strategies such.

The List Includes

13_bh waveit 

Bh-wave is an animation tool for Maya, which speeds up the process of blocking in simple wave motion. You can use it to create things like tails or capes that have a lot of different shapes layered on top with just one animator stroke!

12_Studio Library

The Studio Library is a free tool for managing poses and animations in Maya. It can store your animation, so if you have any sequences of moves that need storage then this library will allow them to be stored as well!

The input translates to “Using the studio’s tools I am able take care my movement files more efficiently.” The output changes it just enough but not too much from its original form while still retaining some accuracy.

11_bh path Anim

Bh_PathAnim is a flexible tool for path animation in Maya. Bhpaht Anim can be used to make the process of attaching any rig, with many limbs and body controls attached at once on top of splines that walk or run along its length as you move around your desk!

10_bh aim tools

Bh_AimTools is an efficient tool for animators that was inspired by the workflow of Richard Lico. It streamlines using aim targets to control rotation, and applying it back onto your controls in Maya!

9_Craft Director Studio

With this animation plug-in, you can create 3D vehicles and aircraft from scratch. From adjusting variables like suspension to adding camera effects for a specific look and feel that is perfect for whatever your needs may be!


The Overlapper is a tool created by Dmitrii Kolpakov. It can make overlapping action type of animation easier for animators, eliminating all the work they need to do in order to create believable movements that go on top each other seamlessly.

7_Physics tools

Maya physics tools are guaranteed to help you spend more time on creating appealing poses that better show human emotions and movements. In contrast to the technical issues animators usually have with their work, Maya’s Character Rigging System makes it easier than ever before!


Tween Machine is a computer program originally developed by Justin Barrett and used extensively throughout the animation industry.

 5_bh ghost

This script is an animation tool that Brian Horgan wrote for Maya. It provides a different approach to ghosting and onion-skinning in 3D animations, which gives you more control over the end result of your film!

 4_Advanced Skeleton

Advanced Skeleton takes rigging to the next level. With its realistic and full range of motion, it’s no wonder why so many professionals trust this program for their needs!


The MG Tools plugin can save time and make your workflow more efficient. The plug-in has several features that aim to simplify things for Maya animators, including Miguel Winfield’s own creations!

2_Ziva VFX

Ziva Dynamics, the developer of ZIVA products was founded in early 2015 by Academy Award-winner James Jacobs and Dr. Barbic to meet a growing need for an innovative solution that could enhance wellness through sound therapy technology.

The team at Zivadas is made up not only from two seasoned veterans but also over 30 years experience developing audio tools across multiple fields including engineering & construction management consulting services which have led them to develop 7 patents between them!


Animbot is a set of tools for Maya aimed at speeding up workflow. With its powerful features, Animbot can make animating feel like creative work rather than just another chore!