150 Ways To Animate Faster In Maya

Alan Camilo Runs Through All the Ways That AnimBot is an Essential Tool for Animators in Maya.

With the rise of 3rd party tools for Maya, animation workflow has become much easier. animBot is no exception to this trend and can be used as a great way to speed up your work in Autodesk’s software application by providing tonsne sutiable features that help streamline process from start t finish .

What was once only available through external applications like Toonshop or Workstation Pro now reside within Animator Alan Camilo’s cleverly designed beast called “Ani.

With a whirlwind of tools, the Maya animation software is one way to go. In this short video I’ll show you how these scripts can also help make animations faster for your next project!

The site has information about the development progress and download a copy of this cool, powerful toolkit for Maya animators.

You can do your part and help the development of animBot by supporting here. The project needs you more than ever, so show them some love while it lasts!