17 Edit Mode in Zbrush 2020 How edit mode works Staying in it how to get back into edit mode


By Alfred Zhuo

Hi everyone,

This video covers Edit Mode in Zbrush 2020, How edit mode works, Always stay in edit mode for sculpting (Do not press SWITCH when it prompts you), Understanding edit mode, how to get back into edit mode, if you accidentally got out of it.

1) The first method is press Ctrl + N to clear the canvas, then only drag out 1 mesh (left click + Drag) then click on the Edit mode button again. Then you will be editing your 1 mesh / object in zbrush again. Any other duplicate objects in your scene, press Ctrl + N to clear them away.

2) The second method is to open any lightbox scene, (for example, a cube.zpr scene) and then import in your mesh as a zTool (.ztl) or .obj file

3) Just load your scene ZProject file directly (.zpr) take note and try to make sure you have save your work, if not you may lose progress.

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Link to Alfred’s Custom UI Interface, Hotkeys, Brushes, Hotkey setup: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nXY0jBiYJ-XZHlHVxxMApMM1OBCDLohx/view?usp=sharing

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Zbrush users are all recommended to have a good set of custom hotkeys/UI setup!

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