19 More Expressions You Should Be Using In After Effects

You can create animations and live effects in After Effects by using the expressions language. Expressions are defined on a per-frame basis, so they’re not something to use too often because it could take up your entire video with an expression that only lasts for one frame or less than 5 seconds at most!

There’s still plenty you’ll be able to do though – even if this sounds like basic knowledge there is actually quite valuable information within these tutorials about how we as designers/artists should think when creating our work (and more importantly why).

But first let me start off by sharing two very common ones: The wiggle expression which lets us automatically move things around(like elements)with some simple syntax; And another called Fluid who has been.

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If you feel like your After Effects knowledge could use some expansion, there is a little bit of good news. Sergei has posted 19 more tools that every designer should know and use!

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