[2.92] Indirect Lighting | Mesh Lights With Emission Shader | Blender 2.9x | Eevee


By 5 Minutes Blender

In this tutorial, we will learn about the Indirect Lighting in Blender. The default settings of Emission Shader does not help us lighting any other object in our scene so it’s time to use an Irradiance Volume for that! Watch below as I show you how-
Emisson(Input)In order create lights with Better Dynamic Shadows and better Depth Of Field effects on your video projects or animations just like Harry Potter did back then when he filmed his movie scenes using a Canon 550D DSLR camera by pointing its powerful flash directly into their eyes while filming at close range against plain white backgrounds lit only from behind – all thanks again these amazing tools provided inside Unity 3d engine which comes standard since version 4.

If you are absolutely new to Blender, you can go through the Blender Foundation Course materials below:





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