[2.93] All Smoke Settings Explained in Eevee | Smoke Simulation | With Examples | Blender 2.9x


By 5 Minutes Blender

Creating a perfect smoke in Blender Eevee can be frustrating. In this video, we have discussed each and every setting of Smoke Simulation for any common problems like not generating the smoke or visible only at render time; it’s all solved! Please watch me demonstrate step by step to create an amazing looking chimney without breaking sweat (or modem). If you still need help after watching this tutorial then leave your comment below – I will get back with asap 🙂


If you are absolutely new to Blender, you can go through the Blender Foundation Course materials below:





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Background Music by GIS_Sweden (https://freesound.org/people/gis_sweden/)

00:00 Intro
00:29 Use & limitations of the default Quick Smoke option
01:59 Properties of a standard Smoke Domain object
06:24 Buoyancy, Heat & Vorticity factors explained
08:17 Dissolve and Noise parameters explained
09:23 Handling of smoke cache files in Blender
10:36 Properties of a standard Smoke Flow object
14:18 How to use multiple flow objects in a domain
16:34 Some common issues & their possible solution
17:15 Correct way to render the smoke simulation