2 Simple Ways To Animate Traditional Animation Cycles

Stylus Rumble’s two easy ways to make wavy things look even more dynamic.

In animation, the “special effect” of making waves or other types of movement can be as easy as a few keystrokes. This process is achieved through cycles and having one will make your animations stand out from others.
In order for you to create those amazing animated scenes we all know about in movies like Wall-e by Disney Pixar Animation Studios®, it takes a lot more than just talent: there are also some great tips on timing which come down mostly too how fast an object moves when going under water vs over land; at what angle does eachacter face towards their next direction? All these details contribute heavily into creating compelling stories told with visuals so engaging they’ll have viewers hooked right away!

This new tutorial from Stylus Rumble (Tracey Strong) shows two ways that you can use to simplify things when it comes to making animated cycles. “It used take me forever and nobody told me there were easier methods!” says the instructor, who goes on in order for us all see how simple her method really is!

Tracy uses Toon Boom Harmony to produce high quality animated graphics, but you can use anything that fits the techniques. Great for 2DFX; it’s like having an animation toolkit in your pocket!