2 Ways To Create Ghibli-style Clouds In Blender

Create Ghibli-style clouds with flat planes and clever shaders.

When you create a 3D volumetric effect, one common misconception is that the simulation needs to mimic painterly clouds in Anime. However, this can be distracting and may not produce desirable results for your project if done poorly.

When discussing big puffy clouds with 3D simulations they might come right off of our minds because many people think about them when thinking about how it looks like inside an anime or movie scene – but are these really what we want? Maybe instead try creating something more realistic-looking without having too much detail on characters themselves so everything else stands out better rather than being hidden behind some lurid color scheme  (of course there’s nothing wrong per se.

Puffy and Painterly Clouds.

The Ghibli-style clouds are not just for graphics artists. If you have your own 3D designs, this is the perfect look to achieve with some clever tricks! A pair of tutorials cover different methods on how they were created by Lightning Boy Studio (David Forest) and Kraken Dynamics respectively. The first tutorial about replicated planes shows why volumetrics may not be an option–it covers using normal maps instead as well as shader techniques that give off a painterly feeling in Blender 2/3d software programs like Maya or Houdini Pro
2d Animation.

Kristof Dedene’s shading method for creating clouds is to use a procedural network. You can download this shader here!