2 Ways To Rig The New Drop-down Menu In After Effects

Ukramedia shows a couple of ways to use the new Drop-Down menu control in the latest After Effects.

Professional After Effects users are in luck with the release of this new drop-down list control. It’s easy to create and rig, which means that you can build your own interactions just like any other type of element on screen! Watch as Sergei Prokhnevskiy takes us through what goes into making it work over at ukramedia today. A great way for designers or animators looking for some variety when designing their scenes will be checking out our latest tutorials below:

The tutorial shows two ways that you can rig the new drop-down control in After Effects using expressions to do most of your animation work. Sergei demonstrates how he swapped out graphics when someone chooses an item from his list, so it looks like they are playing a game with each other!