2D drawing to 3D! (Grease Pencil to 3D Mesh) – Quick Blender Tutorial


By Dantti

How to convert Grease pencil 2D drawings to 3D mesh in Blender?
Watch this quick tutorial and learn how!

These are very simple examples, but I’m sure this will come in handy, endless possibilities!

You can set Shade Smooth & and in Object Data properties / Normals turn on Auto smooth to get smoother results after converting.

Don’t forget to test other great modifiers, like displace / bevel etc 🙂

Here’s some ideas where converting to 3D could come in handy
– Import SVG to GP to 3D (2.93+)
– Trace image to GP to 3D (2.91+)
– Set a background image and trace stuff by hand in GP to 3D
– Add details to your excisting mesh first using GP (draw on surface) to 3D

Converting excisting GP animations don’t work with this technique though.
You also might have to tweak/smooth more in edit mode to get better results.
You can also try path / polygon curve.


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Download Blender / Experimental (new features) – https://builder.blender.org/download/
Grease pencil resources (official) – http://blender.org/greasepencil
Support the Blender development at – https://fund.blender.org/

This tutorial was recorded using experimental Blender 2.93

Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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