3 Powerful Maya Uv Tools To Speed Up Your Work

FlippedNormals Has a Look at Some UV Tools in Maya That You Might Have Missed.

Maya’s features can be overwhelming for beginners. There are so many tools and options that it is easy to get lost in the menus, or miss some crucial ones if you’re not careful! Luckily there are three overlooked but powerful UV Tools worth taking note of; 3D Cut & Sew UV Tool (for cutting), Auto Seam (to automatically create seams) ,and Symmetriz e(a great way accelerate workflow).

3 Maya UV Tools You Might Have Missed

3D Cut and Sew UV Tool is a fast way to mark cuts and seams right in the 3D view. The tool works very similarly to how you would work on your model with an application like 3D Coat, but it has some key commands that make segmenting models into their respective UV shells much faster for designers who are used this workflow already!

Auto seam is a great way to cut models quickly without having to hours of work. You can think Auto Seam as something similar UV Master in ZBrush, it’s not an end all be all but its quick and easy for getting simple unfoldment done!

Lastly, the Symmetrize is an incredible tool for creating symmetrical UVs. It’s incredibly helpful when working with mirrored shells and makes it easy to create perfectly matched or identical textures in minutes rather than hours!