3 Ways To Work With Background Images In Cinema 4D Octane

Rhett Dashwood shows three ways to use a background image when working with Octane in Cinema 4D.

Exploring the world of 3D, especially with Cinema 4D can be daunting. There are many different software packages that you may use to produce your content and if Octane is what drives your animations then it’s time for some new tricks! Creative Director Rhett Dashwood has just released his latest tutorial video regarding how he inserts background images into scenes – no matter which method was used before or not at all confused about adding an image within a project file itself.

Dashwood walks us through the three different ways that you can use to improve your brand. Rhett Dash wood is a Creative Director with experience in a broad range of creative media, including digital and animation as well as branding for print film making or concept art projects depending on what type they need at any given time!