3d Modeling A Caulk Gun | Shapr3d Step-by-step

By Shapr3D

3D modeling is not only for architects and engineers, but anyone with an interest in how things work. For those of you who don’t know your way around a toolbox or can barely remember what was the last time that something needed to be fixed on your car- 3D models are perfect! This week we’ll learn about one such creative endeavor: making a functional caulk gun out of thin air using just some parts found at home (and maybe even school). Join us as ProfesorClaas Kuhnen takes us through his step by guide process which includes creating all necessary components–from casing up until trigger action point!–to turn any idea into reality; whether they’re ergonomic handles made specificallyBentley Muls.

Download the file to get the modeling started!

.shapr file: https://bit.ly/3hht6tG

0:00 Introduction
0:45 Process Overview
1:12 Sketch Layout Explanation

Cartridge Housing
3:00 Modeling basic form via revolve extrude cut and shelling
6:05 Adding front hole via extrude cut
7:00 Adding opening via revolve bodies and boolean subtraction
10:37 Adding a side stabilizer extrude
12:20 Adding cartridge clamps via loft blends

19:28 Process Overview
20:35 Sketch Layout Explanation
22:00 Working on copies process
23:30 Boolean Union housing and hide
23:40 Fillet Styling and shelling the outer handle part
24:10 Fillet Styling and shelling the inner handle part
25:00 Adding halves via mirror command to evaluate complete form
25:30 Identifying technical design problems by rotating parts
27:15 Refining functional geometry
30:43 Rebuild a new movable handle from a copy
33:36 Adding handle hinge geometry

Handle Refinement
35:56 Problem Statement
36:30 Modeling a Hand Guard
38:36 Adjusting filets above and below hand guard

Final Touchups / Assembly
40:15 Adding structural support
41:06 Boolean Join everything
41:16 Round edges
41:55 Cutting filet transition into cartridge clamp sides

3-dimensional models are often used in an industrial design workflow to produce physical products, such as jewelry or engineering tools. However these can be difficult and time consuming for designers who do not have access to expensive 3D modeling software like Rhino3D on their computer at work! That’s why it is so amazing when companies come out with new apps that make creating three dimensional solids easy from anywhere – even your phone . Shapr3d does this by allowing you draw simple shapes on a virtual screen using either pencils connected via bluetooth (which currently works only iPad) but also supports apple Pencil if needed.. The end result looks almost exactly how I would sketch something up because all of my movements were captured perfectly through.

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