3dcutout Makes It A Snap To Create And Animate 2d Characters With 3ds Max

There’s a new tool that can give you everything to easily create and manage 2d cutout style animations. 3D Cutouts for 3ds Max is an app created by Mehdi Zangeneh, which allows users the import characters or environments into their scenes as well as rig them so they behave like physical objects would in our world–allowing designers freedom when it comes time to animate these assets!

There’s now something called “3-dimensional (or rather: three dimensional) Cut Outs”. It gives me great joy knowing how much easier life will become with this incredible software available on my computer right at home – anywhere really.

3dCutout helps you to Rig, Animate, Manage files, Create animation and archive 2D Cutouts

With the recent release of new tools, Mehdi’s now offers everything you need for creating 2D cutout animations. Whether it’s rigging or generating character geometry with an extensive configurable environment generator – he has done his best to make sure there is no one left out in this Universe!

3dCutout is a tool that speeds up your workflow. It helps you create animations, assets and plans for those in every phase of production to access them easily!

3Dcutout is a new 3d modeling program that lets you create your own 3d models by cutting out objects in the software. Learn more about it here, or download a trial version today!