4 Ways To Make Objects Float In Cinema 4D

Joe Lawrence shows a few ways to make objects float on water using Cinema 4D.

3D apps offer a lot of flexibility through various ways to work. There are often many different techniques for accomplishing the same task in 3D, but it all comes down how you do things and what best suits your style as an artist or designer. Check out this new tutorial from Joe Lawrence who shows off some great tips on using objects in Cinema 4D while they float over water!

Lawrence walks you through the four ways to make objects float. He starts with a Mograph Cloner in C4D’s Mograph Module, then shows how animation constraints are used for more complicated animations that have actions based on time or physics simulations using X-Particles dynamics. The article also covers some benefits and drawbacks behind these techniques so you can better understand them!

Joe is the founder of You and Me Academy, where he teaches artists how to make their ideas come alive with digital media.
He’s also an experienced freelance art director & compositor who knows what it takes for your brand’s message in Frontline ads or social content!