5 Best New Features In Nomad Sculpt

Glen Southern covers Nomad sculpt’s latest features, including spotlights, tube, save brushes, lathe, and insert.

Nomad Sculpt is on a pretty fast-paced development cycle and has new tools practically every week. SouthernGFX (Glen Southern), the app’s creator, walks through these features as they come out of their minds at an industrial rate! “Of all the iPad sculpting apps–and there aren’t many!–Nomadsculpt leads them for updates by far!” he says with pride in his voice before I even get chance to ask about it myself.

I can see why; recent releases have brought us some really cool additions like T shape custom brushes or control points that make editing easy when working without physically touching your sculpture.

“Stephane regularly posts screenshots and details about the tools he is using to make his work more efficient, as well as explain changes made in recent builds compiled from source control logs.

Southern discusses the 5 best features of Nomad’s recent updates. “iPad sculpting is fast becoming a legitimate way for newer artists to get into 3D Sculpting, and with apps like this adding pro-level functions at such rates it isn’t surprising.” “I bet this is what Maxon was looking for!”

It can be difficult to find the time and money needed for a new hobby, but with Nomad Sculpt you don’t have worry anymore. The app features an extensive toolset as well as intuitive user interface so even people who are not experienced painters will feel comfortable in no matter what their level of expertise is!