5 Great Tips For Octane Render In Cinema 4d

Dave Bergin Covers 5 Tips That Will Solve Issues and Have You Working Better in Octane.

The best way to increase your productivity is by using the right software. Octane, a GPU renderer can help you solve issues and produce better renders when working with Otoy’s Cinema 4D plugin. Dave Bergin from CGShortCuts has five tips that will make things easier for all types of users in this article!

Have you ever tried to render glass and had the specular, reflections or shine appear faceted? Dave shows how easy a fix that one can be. He also shares other handy tips for making your renders faster including increasing light penetration through windows by letting in more than allowed default settings! The rest of these helpful tricks cover saving RAM with native Cinema 4D noise tools as well as doubling objects so they’re visible from both sides.