5 Ways That Blender Excels Over Cinema 4d

Mograph Plus looks at some of the ways that Blender has an advantage over C4D.

Why go to all the trouble of making a movie when you can just use software? Studio owners and more importantly, directors have been frustrated with some features in their current workflow. Mograph Plus was created as an eye-opening comparison between Blender 2.8’s new interface versus Cinema 4D’s latest release which has many high end capabilities but also comes at great expense by being difficult for beginners or those without much experience using 3d programs like Maya/Nuke etc..

In my opinion there is one clear winner here: Blender!

Mograph Plus covers some of the ways that he sees Blender excelling over Maxon Cinema 4D. You can’t talk about this great program without making mention of Grease Pencil, which started as a way to annotate scenes but ended up being one its most valuable features for 2D animation projects too! Another desirable feature is how easy it is in C4d with their built-in node based compositor and video editor tools or if you need more power there are third party solutions out now like NukeXlego Video Post Pro Hive19 App Rapidfire R30 workspace environment Ashampoo Fusion 8 Essentials Addons Bundle Kit. This next point goes hand-in glove wit.