A Beginner’s Guide To Visual Effects With Blender

Blender is a complete visual effects pipeline from start to finish. It has all the tools you need, including world-class production renderers and simulation tools that can do just about anything! Even better? Blenders free for anyone who needs it or wants an open source alternative.

It’s name says “blade,” but don’t get fooled by its simple interface – this program packs quite possibly one of most powerful workflows around thanks in large part due its ability when integrated into another application such as 3ds Max offer full N deferred shading support which means unparalleled rendering speeds while still offering near photorealistic quality output with few limitations beyond what Pro Applications users expect.

Steve Lund, the CG Geek has created three-part tutorial to teach you how his work process in Blender. His first two parts are aimed at beginners and show them what it takes for 3D models from start-to finish with texturing as well! If this sounds interesting then check out part one here or just scroll down below where he shares some additional information about himself because I think fans would really appreciate knowing who is teaching us these valuable lessons…

Steve goes through the process of importing and tracking a shot,inserting 3D elements into it, rendering it for compositing together in postproduction. He does not leave his software until he has completed everything that is needed to make an end-to-end workflow complete with production ready tools like Blender!