A Better Way To Make Gradients In After Effects

Nick Greenawalt’s alternative to the standard gradient ramps in After Effects is worth checking out, as it provides more creative options for your designs.

After Effects users are limited to the kind of things they can easily create with standard gradient effects. You’re basically stuck using a 4-color gradients or ramps, and while both those tools let you place pins where your colors should go in composition (respectively), it’s not very “hot” like Nick Greenawalt says – as seen on Motion ByNick’s latest tutorial about them!
HOT: They’re EASY TO MAKE; SUPER customizable; saved as presets for quick reuse later on.

Create a Better Gradient Preset

The good news is that you can create your own gradient effect in Ae, using a few simple effects. While the technique doesn’t precisely pin color to any one part of screen, it does allow for more dynamic and beautiful mixing colors this way! The Fractal Noise & Colorama combined with Greenawalt’s helpful tutorial makes an easy preset too so all eyes are on YOU when viewers want their screens filled up in some eye candy-style goodness.

About Nick Greenawalt

Nick Greenawalt is an imaginative Philadelphia-based motion designer. By day, he works at experience strategy and design agency called Bluecadet where they help companies create immersive experiences for customers with technology or physical objects in order to drive sales. And by night? You guessed it: Nick creates tutorials on youtube & instagram that span from educating others about the latest digital trends all through different industries while also posting some fresh content too!