A Complete Comparison Of Inkscape And Illustrator

Nick Saporito offers some insights into workflows and features comparing Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator.

Vector graphics are the future of graphic design, and Inkscape is a high-quality application that runs on all platforms. This free open source vector drawing app has been around for years but only recently released version 1 to make it even better than before!

Inkscape Versus Illustrator.

Designer Nick Saporito offers some of his insights into workflows and features between the two drawing programs. “One of the most common questions I receive is how Inkscape compares to Illustrator,” says designer/artist NICK SATOSIPARISO.”

“When people ask me which program they should use for their needs as an artist or graphic designer,” explains NSatiosipariso., “my answer has become increasingly complex due in large part because both products offer so much potential – but also have limitations too!

Nick does an excellent job of outlining the benefits and drawbacks to both applications. He also includes his favorite features that he finds appealing about each program, which makes for a very informative post!

About Nick Saporito.

Nick Saporito is a Philadelphia-based graphic designer, content creator and founder of LogosByNick LLC. His educational media platform for learning about logos in design has been featured on numerous outlets including Upworthy, The Wall Street Journal Digital Edition , Good Morning America among others!