A Fast Way To Create A Line Art Effect In Blender

Chipp Walters, a professional animator and Blender enthusiast shows how to create quick line art in this video. He also demonstrates some of the best practices for using it as well!

This new tutorial from Chipp Walters shows an easy way to create a line art effect in Blender, using Cycles. The technique uses the material override tool and Grease Pencil combined for creating simple yet effective drawings that are perfect as social media graphics or design elements on websites like Facebook!

Do you want to create line art from 3D models? The Line Art Modifier in Blender 2.93 is the perfect effect for that! Remington Markham (SouthernShotty) shows how it works in different tutorials like this one, where he demonstrates what it can do and then gives some tips on using lines of varying thicknesses or styles properly.

About Chipp Walters

Chipp Walters is an Industrial Designer who has created concept designs for Apple, Sony and NASA. Recently he led a team to create award-winning historical Augmented Reality products based on the Alamo as well as Museum exhibits like those at The Mothman Prophecies Experience in Ohio which allowed visitors from around world see what it would be like if they were there during this historic event first hand through interactive displays by real artifacts such as clothes worn.