A Few Quick Ways You Can Create Hud And Tech Elements In After Effects

He’s got some great tips for creating HUD and animated interface elements in After Effects. Lee covers the different types of gadgets, such as one that shows you where all your enemies are located on screen or another type like radar sweep effect!

One of the most interesting and creative ways to create futuristic-looking interfaces is in modern movies. These days, it seems that every sci-fi movie has an interface with various screens providing information about what’s going on around them or inside themselves – this includes Iron Man which features a HUD (Heads Up Display) for pilots while controlling their suit through remote control technology!

Lee shows how you can customize each of the styles to create hundreds different looks easily.

You can create hundreds of different styles of graphic equalisers and random data charts for Science Fiction HUD style interfaces, all with the help from After Effects. This quick-fix technique is made possible because it only takes one feature: audio spectrum!


In this tutorial, Lee demonstrates how to create radar sweep HUD graphics using two simple methods. One is a traditional radar image and another one which enables the design of hundreds different styles for interface with just few clicks!