A Good Example Of Texturing Without Uv’s

Is texturing without UV’s possible? Yes, it is in a number of ways. Disney’s Ptex held out the promise for working 3D models without needing UVWs- Although many applications will offer support and users want to use this new technology but due its lack in popularity among professionals so far there isn’t much utilization yet on how well does work or not compared with traditional software such as Zbrush which allows artists create their own textures by sampling colors from other parts within an image using transparency masks instead . Other option would be baking map data into model itself like Arnold renderer.

Christophe Desse is a Lead Technical Artist at Naughty Dog. He uses Maya’s TriPlanar and planar projections, as well as Redshift Curvature Node with Substance Painter to texture his recently created model using no UV method in this video tutorial for beginners who want know how they can too!

Maya has a couple of projection methods, and the latest one is TriPlanar. It can extrude texture along an axis defined to wrap around objects with ease for more complex surfaces but will do just fine on flat ones too if you don’t need those extra capabilities.

Christophe demonstrates that Redshift’s Curvature node can be used as a foundation for other 3D workflows. In addition, any renderer will have its own nodes which allow one to mimic this process and achieve similar results in their applications.