A Look At Blender’s Measure Widget

BlenderDiplom checks out the new measure widget for 3D work in Blender 2.8

Blender 2.8 has an extensive list of changes and improvements that make Blender even more powerful, easier to use! Global User Interface (UI) designer Gottfried Hofmann is going over some handy new tools in his series of videos on Youtube . The most recent video covers how you can measure distances while rendering with the Measure widget , which also allows measuring angles or thicknesses for 3D objects too.

In this video, Blender master Chris Hoffmann shows how to use the “measure tool” in pancake form. This new version of grease pencil is easier and quicker than ever before because it comes with snaps that make your job even less complicated! In a previous tutorial by him on YouTube (link below), he covered some changes in Camera Widget from v2-361 for earlier versions such as 2D hotkeys or Snap To Surface options when working with 3d models instead just coordinates only like before .