A Look At The New Tapered Stroke In After Effects

Creative Dojo shows you how to create a simple accent swirl using the new tapered stroke in Ae.

When it comes to animation, After Effects has lacked one of the most important tools for animators. VinhSon Nguyen at Creative Dojo shows how he used Adobe’s new native tool in his own work and gives us insight into its uses with other effects like simple flourishes or accents on top objects that need design attention too!

Tapered Strokes and More.

When designing with text, it can be difficult to draw the perfect line. Ae’s new internal tool for creating variable-width lines sits right where you’d expect it – under your shape layer! You also have access to wave an outline of sorts on top which makes drawing loose and hand drawn type effects easy as pie (or maybe apple?).

Thicc Stroke is a free, and lets you use gradients.

The new additions to Ae are a great start, but if you’re looking for more features with variable-width strokes in Ae (and who isn’t?), then check out Thicc Stroke from Plugin Everything. The plugin lets users add gradients along paths as well as offering tapered stroke effects that can be found on previous versions AE CS6 or up!

Get Thicc Stroke for Free.

The new Variable Stroke plugin for After Effects is now available! Take your designs to the next level with a variety of stroke options.