A Nice Introduction To Unreal’s Niagara Particle System

Meghdad Asadi offers a foundational walkthrough for Unreal’s Niagra Particle system.

Want to learn how Niagra, Unreal Engine’s next-generation VFX system works? Check out Meghdad Asadi’s free series of videos where he takes you through a complete walkthrough. This will help artists create functionality without any programming involved!

Particles can be interactive and powerful when they have a blueprint.
Asadi shows how to control these particles using Blueprints, so you don’t need input from any other device but your keyboard or another controller like the VIVE controllers!

Asadi’s free course is for those with no previous experience in Unreal Engine or Niagara Particle System. But even experienced users will find value as it goes over the foundations of some properties and shows how to set up particles within blueprints so they can be used interactively on projects like yours!

About Meghdad Asadi.

Meghdad Asadi is a technician and assistant professor of Motion Picture Science at Rochester Institute of Technology, who has been working in the film industry for over 10 years.

In this position, he works with student interns as they learn about motion pictures from his mastery on all aspects including lighting equipment maintenance through color correction applications to 3D printing models used during production processes.”