A Quick Way To Get A Character In A T-pose

Brad Clark shows a bright and quick way to get any rigged character into a T-Pose.

The A-Pose or T-posed camps are not just one choice, but rather an entirely different approach. If you prefer to have your character in a particular position for combat poses then it’s important that they’re transformed from their initial pose into the desired form of actionable limbs before any fighting begins.

As with pretty much everything there are two sides: those who stand by “A” Pose and those that root for “T” Pose whichever side people fall under may influence how they play through certain objectives during battle scenes if left unchecked though some gamers might find themselves having.

If you have a character that is posed in your scene, but not facing the camera and has no keyframes to show what they are doing or where their hands should go on screen for reference then it can get tricky. Luckily there’s an easy way around this problem! To rig them into place just use Brad Clark’s clever technique which uses gravity from one foot as leverage while simultaneously controlling rotation with another anchor point – making sure of course everything looks right before pressing Record at final stage!!