A Simple Trick To Join 2d Objects In Blender

Chipp Walters shows a trick that lets you join 2D objects like booleans on 3D ones

Working with polygons is a bit different than working in parametric solids. Polygons cannot be boolean freely and they also don’t let you operate on 2D shapes as if it were 3 dimensions, but most importantly -you can use boolean operations before making them into their final form! Apps like Moment of inspiration or Fusion 360 start off by creating starting points that transform into three dimensional objects later down the line.

Join 2D objects Like Booleans

Polygons are tricky for modelers because you can’t modify them the same way as 3D shapes. Fortunately, Chipp Walters teaches us how to joint 2d objects together by using projections and then dissolving edges that we don’t want in our final creation–it’s a multi-step process but quick nonetheless!

About Chipp Walters

Chipp Walters is a design expert who has worked with some of the most prestigious clients in recent history. He led his team to create an award-winning historical Augmented Reality product based on the Alamo for museums and education, which you can read more about here!