A Simple Way To Create Animated Gradients In After Effects

Ben Marriott shows his method for creating animated gradients in After Effects.

Animation is an easy way to give your designs some life. But what exactly happens when you use gradients in AE? Motion Designer Ben Marriott shows us his simple technique for working with animated gradient layers!

If you are looking to start a graphic design project, this tutorial will help. It covers the basics of creating gradients for your projects in Illustrator with masks and feathering effects applied by using turbulent displacements techniques on balloons or text balls that can be used as both an artistic flourish but also helpful when it comes time to stylize images just like they do at Marriott hotels!

There’s a way to make your shadows look like they were painted on with a brush. Check out this FlowTuts tutorial for an easy technique in After Effects!

There are also helpful packs out there to help you get the effect quickly. One is Peter Quinn’s Grit Kit 2 that has a bunch of high-resolution pre-animated textures for an excellent price!