A Super Easy Way To Unwrap Uvs In Cinema 4D

Sam Tato Shows How to Quickly and Easily Unwrap UVs Using Relax UV in Cinema 4D.

UVs. Love them or hate them, they are necessary if you want textures not to stretch and show up where they need be because many consider UV unwrapping a pain in the neck for those that must deal with it on occasion; however there’s always some straightforward ways around such as using Relax UV Editor (Cinema 4D) which can make life much easier when creating skins like models from digital outfits without worry about things showing through due to stretching during Import – now all we have left is waiting patiently until our character gets converted over!

When you come across an irregularly shaped object, the next step is where things get more complicated.

When coming up with UVs for these situations it helps if there are some general guidelines to follow in order not make any mistakes or waste time figuring out how best fit your needs exactly as they might occur without wasting too much of either waiting around doing nothing when all this could have been prevented by taking precautions now instead!

Sam Tato, a freelance 3D artist and educator teaches you how to quickly unwrap UVs in just five steps using an easy-to follow technique that doesn’t stretch your mesh. This eliminates extra time spent on repetitive tasks like worrying about seams or trying not let outlines get stretched too far from their original shape when unfolding textures onto models with this method!