Abstract Animation Tutorial in Blender 2.91 | Polygon Runway


By Polygon Runway

One of the best ways to make your model look more futuristic is by adding in some cool sci-fi elements. This tutorial will show you how!

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Isocam Addon: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m642luyqwnnkl6t/isocam.zip?dl=0
Isocam is an amazing app that provides you with professional quality video footage! It’s easy to install and use, too. Just open Blender preferences in blender2d- widow or Pro versions of the software by heading over Addons then selecting Install from zip file at the top right corner when it says “Add New”. Find this folder containing .zip extensionand click on it once more before clicking Yes when informed about installing third party addons which may be risky if installed incorrectly but are safe most likely since their authors have tested them thoroughly already so all should go well unless there was some kind error happening during installation itself.