Advanced Seamless Cobblestone Sculpting With 3d Coat

Anton Tenitsky Shows How to Make a Seamless cobblestone texture in 3D Coat Using Tileable texturing techniques.

The process of creating a tileable texture is not an easy one. In the tutorial, Anton Tenitsky shares how he simplifies this tedious task by using 3D Coat and some other techniques that are worth checking out if you want your textures in no time!

In this video, you’ll learn how to create tileable sculpting in 3D Coat and other applications. It’s an easy workflow that generates bricks for your models or environments with repeating textures like cobblestones! Check out Anton’s introduction here: https://youtube-video278237581_. murphi3d coats maker timelapse texture tutorials info textured polygonal modeling maxon cv_2100 It gives me great pleasure when something I have created inspires someone else just as much if not more than myself so please enjoy.