Affect More Than One Layer With An Effect in After Effects

This is an example of how to make your writing more creative and engaging. It also helps with the tone you want in order for people to enjoy reading what you have written, which can otherwise feel like a chore when coming across something that just repeats itself over again without any new information or insights added on top!

Making your video more creative doesn’t have to be hard! The feature in After Effects Creative Cloud called copy with property links lets you use one effect for multiple layers.

Imagine having a blur that can affect more than one layer… and you don’t need to change the amount in every single spot! If we’re talking about Photoshop, then this post will show how it’s done. Firstly thing first: find what effect is being used on your image (s slim pencil sketch maybe?) Then all I do is go up under “Layer” menu > Change Blending Mode where there should now be multiple choices like Normal etcetera- make sure Lighten or Screened Preserve Luminosity as these work well with most drawings.

Mind you, the way paste with property links works is using After Effects expressions behind the scenes. This may not be a more efficient method of having an effect on multiple layers but it does work!