After Effects Atomic Stretch Plugin Converts To Any Aspect Ratio

If you’re using After Effects or Adobe Premiere, there is a free plugin that allows for automatically reformatting footage into any aspect ratio. The Atomic stretch algorithm offers optimally bounded real-time stretching which can convert to and from any dimensions necessary!

Atomic Stretch enables real-time video-retargetting in After Effects and Premiere, converting from and to any aspect ratio

The re-projecting plugin does much more than scaling an image to fit the new format. It will also upscale footage, convert it from vertical video formats like 1080i or 4K UHD (also called 2160p), and even downscale older media that was shot in film before 2008! This is really useful when you have videos of your kids playing with their toys on youtube but don’t want them viewing those longer vids because they’re not broadband ready yet so baby monitors are handy too.

This plugin is absolutely free, and it works on both MacOS and Windows systems. The After Effects version needed for this plug-in are up to date with CS6 or higher versions of Premiere Pro CC 2014+.

The free stretch plugin from Atomic Image Labs is a must-have for your favorite photography and editing software.
Filled with features that will transform the way you edit, adjust exposure settings or remove unwanted distractions in photographs – this versatile tool can also be used as an allrounder by enhancing any live video feed! See what others think about them here: [Link comment].