After Effects Extruding Type And Effects With Typemonkey

TypeMonkey is an After Effects tool that can automatically generate complex kinetic type animations with the camera included. Recently, this software was updated to include motion blur and ability load/save presets in addition useful features like 3rd party text mods support!

TypeMonkey is a new plugin that will help you customize your text after it’s been laid out and animated in After Effects. You can add drop shadows or extrude the letters into 3D for an even more interesting effect!

Get creative with your text by using the TypeMonkey app! This video tutorial will show you how to add an extrusion effect or any other graphic in between characters.

TypeMonkey can create kinetic type animations in After Effects from layer markers, allowing you to focus on the process of animating rather than spending time working out how it is done.

TypeMonkey provides a way to easily and quickly create styles for your WordPress blog or website without any coding knowledge. Rich Young has created an excellent resource on the AEPortal called Type Monkey that gives users access to all of its features, including tutorials so they can learn how it works right away!