After Effects | Using Auto Lip-sync To Create Automatic Mouth Animation

The final product of any animation is the result of scratch audio, which stands in waiting for additional clips. It can be difficult to work with if you’re not careful and think about how your project will change as soon as some new sounds are added or removed from it without having to redo all those hard work yourself!

To create Facial animations in After Effects, MamoWorld’s Auto Lip-Sync is a great tool to use. When you are working with audio that might change – like the mouth movement for an angry expression or happy shout out loud! Automatically sync your character’s lips using designated clips from any source material so they match perfectly every time without having to worry about editing manually on top of everything else

The following passage was written by Joseph Tucek, CEO at SpiritWorks Animation Studios: “Mouth movements can be tough when trying live action footage since there isn’t always control over what expressions people will make while filming.” However if someone has managed capture their own prerecorded lines then they’ll.

In this video, David Legion shows how he used MamoWorld’s Auto Lip-Sync on the facial rig for his character animation in “Building Some Hope”.

In Part 4, you will learn how to set up the lip syncing for your puppet using Mamoworld’s Auto Lip-Sync solution. This can be tricky but it is possible with some practice and patience!

The lip syncing plugin will let you create a mouth that automatically animates based on the audio recording, so there’s no need to keyframe it yourself.

Auto Lip-Sync is actually fairly simple to use, providing a step by step wizard that guides you through the process and offers solutions for animating inside mouth including teeth and tongue with plenty of controls.

David’s able to provide some excellent tips for animating the character’s mouth as he walks through this process. Check out his tutorial on MamoWorld’s website here, and make sure that you subscribe if you want more!