Alicevision Comes To Houdini’s Game Tools As A Plugin

Paul Ambrosiussen shows off the AliceVision photogrammetry plugin new to the Houdini Game Development Toolset.

Game Developers, Get Your Game On!
Do you want to save time and effort in game development? Well now is the chance with Houdini’s free set of workflow tools. The “Game” section offers new features that can speed up tasks for any type or platform while also adding photogrammetry plugin based on AliceVision framework which gives great results when scanning objects into action games like “Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain.” What are some other things available through this toolset worth mentioning then.

SideFX Technical Artist Paul Ambrosiussen demonstrates the new plugin while taking us through a couple of workflow scenarios showing what is possible.

AliceVision is a Photogrammetric Computer Vision Framework which provides robust 3D Reconstruction and Camera Tracking algorithms. It has been made available as an Houdini plugin through The Game Development Toolset, with the goal to help game developers create high-quality content without having technical experience or knowledge about computer science related fields such as Geometry Processing Units (GPUs).