All 80+ Blender Material Nodes Explained In Under 30 Minutes

By Daniel Krafft

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In this tutorial, I’ll be explaining every single Blender material node there is, while keeping it beginner friendly. In Blender 2.8, material nodes have been expanded to include a few more. Astoundingly, no one has done this yet, so I thought I would take one for the team. After all, someone had to do it.

100 Blender Tips:

150 More Blender Tips:

Procedural materials: (not by me)

Input Nodes: 1:20
Shader Nodes: 7:15
Texture Nodes: 14:45
Color Nodes: 18:01
Vector Nodes: 20:34
Converter Nodes: 22:54
Misc Nodes: 27:25

Blender Shader Nodes Documentation:

GIMP Blend mode docs:

Using the Blender 2.82 documentation for reference
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Video by Daniel Krafft