All Blender Grease Pencil Tips And Tricks To Get Started! (Beginner & Advanced)

By Dantti

This exciting blender tutorial will teach you ALL the secrets of Grease Pencil in an easy and fast way.

In order to create 2D animations, you need a powerful tool like Grease Pencil in Blender. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

There are so many ways to work and everybody has their own way. It takes time for you to find the workflow that suits your personality best, but with experience comes better understanding of how everything fits together
I hope this helped!

00:00 Introduction

User experience
01:07 Object interaction modes
02:49 Pie menu for object modes
03:26 Pie menu for shading modes
03:51 2D animation preset and why it’s great
04:24 How to customize 2D animation preset
05:44 Saving startup file & load factory settings
06:21 Quick favorites and search menus

Draw mode
06:56 Draw mode shortcuts
09:22 Timeline shortcuts
10:49 Materials and vertex colors
12:14 Brushes and how to append more
12:54 Stroke materials
13:52 Fill materials
15:02 Holdout materials
15:40 Fill, erase, cutter
16:19 Brush settings
17:31 Stroke settings
18:29 Extra modes
19:07 Stroke origin and drawing plane
20:29 How to use Guides
21:13 How to use Curve tool
21:41 Subdivisions
22:44 Layers overview
23:53 Layers & Masking
24:44 Layers & Onion skinning
25:23 Layers & Strokes in 2D / 3D space

Edit mode
25:41 Edit mode shortcuts
27:25 Curve edit mode
28:31 Gradients and better way to edit them
29:29 Assign materials
30:05 Extrude points
30:31 Transform pivot point
31:08 Proportional editing
32:00 Separate points to own objects
32:22 Cleaning
32:53 Reproject strokes
33:48 Animating with Interpolate / Sequence
35:45 Multiframe editing

Sculpt mode
36:25 All tools and tips

Object mode
39:32 Object mode shortcuts
40:34 Align objects
41:07 Snapping
41:57 Transform values
43:09 Randomize transformation
43:53 Origin point and how to move it
44:27 Keyframes & graph editor
48:09 Collections & Outliner
50:18 Duplicate Linked
51:29 Camera settings
52:58 Multiple cameras in your scene

53:45 Adding, copying and removing modifiers
54:58 Array
56:13 Build (Drawing effect)
58:05 Mirror & Canvas settings
58:41 Multiple strokes (Saves time)
59:17 Simplify & Subdivide
59:57 Armature
1:00:56 Lattice & Hook
1:03:33 Noise
1:04:03 Offset
1:04:22 Smooth
1:04:48 Thickness
1:05:06 Time offset (Loops & Lip syncing tip)
1:06:36 Hue & SAT
1:07:00 Opacity
1:07:38 Texture mapping
1:08:50 Tint (Gradients with empty objects)

1:09:45 All effects
1:12:15 Glitch effect with Wave Distortion

1:12:44 Floor
1:13:50 Track to
1:14:41 Follow path
1:15:44 Maintain volume
1:16:26 Easy parallax setup

1:18:01 Camera background image & video
1:19:19 Convert images & video to grease pencil
1:21:02 Convert 3D animation & mesh to grease pencil
1:21:59 Convert curves for interesting grease pencil shapes
1:22:52 Drivers
1:25:08 Adding sound to your projects
1:26:36 Render settings
1:30:28 Compositing
1:31:45 Addons (Rotate canvas, Box deform) & how to installing more
1:33:34 Dantti Texture Brushes and Fills
1:33:52 Final tips & wrapping up

I’ve made tutorials about it, but there will be some changes in the near future (particle nodes) so I left them out of this.

Good way to support this channel and get some awesome Grease pencil textures for your projects❤️

I can’t stress enough how much better your experience will be if you learn the basics 🙂
I’ll go over them many times during this video.

Download Blender

Experimental builds (new features)

Blender Fundamentals (official)

Grease pencil resources (official)

100+ Blender tips by CG Boost
I was inspired by this video, GOLDEN!

Support the Blender development at

This tutorial was recorded mostly using experimental Blender 2.91.
Some tips are from 2.92.

10 tips you need to know about 2.93:

You can read the change log at

Grease pencil requires a decent graphics card to run properly. Like Nvidia 1050.

Sorry for the sound inconsistency.
Wish the sound quality was better, but with my current gear it is impossible.
Hope I can upgrade soon.

Do you have any tips / addons you would like to share with everyone?
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