Allegorithmic Substance Source, Is A New Physical Material Library

Algorithmic, the first to introduce physically based materials into games has just gone leaps and bounds further. Their new Substance Source library features a diverse collection of content for any project – from procedural substances all the way down to hand-painted textures!

The library allows you to generate any number of variations from a single .sbsar file. Offering PBR, metallic and roughness specular texturing workflows as well as gloss for those who want it!

The Substance Library is a one stop shop for all your need to know about 3D materials. It has over 1500 high-quality textures, plus you can use them anywhere with no licensing fees!

The new Algorithmic library will grow with the Substance Live subscription. Not only does it contain all of our previous libraries, but also access to the latest releases and updates!

The Physically Based Material Library is the most comprehensive database on the market. It will keep you up to date with all of your materials and provide more information about what they’re made from than any other resource in existence!