Allusion Is A New Free Way To Manage Your Reference Library

Daniel Kreuter, the brains behind Allusion has launched an elegant new way to organize and keep your visual reference library.

Ever find yourself looking around for a new reference or inspiration? You’re not alone. There are some great tools out there that allow artists to compile and keep references, but one of them is newly released – thanks in part to Daniel Kreuter’s Allusion app!

Allusion Visual Library Manager

Allusion is an app that helps you to organize your visual reference library in a single place. You can keep all of the images and inspirations, whether they be from art history classes or just something interesting on Instagram!

The developer has been working hard for two long years designing it so we know this will truly make life easier – take look at how excited everyone looks: “After two long years of development!!! Allusion our Visual Library Management Tool Is Finally Available!. We have all been very enthused about today’s release – please share with friends & colleges if interested!”

What About PureRef?

Allusion is a new app that helps you keep your references within easy reach while working. It’s similar to Pureref, but it also gives artists the opportunity to use our application on their projects too!

“We understand why so many people like using PureRef,” says Allusion Co-Founder and CEO Celine Leboulanger.” However we were designed as a complementary tool for those who want some assistance managing media libraries or adding pictures before finishing up in Photoshop”.

Get Allusion

Check out and download Allusion for free here.