Amazing WATERFALL SHADER for Eevee in Blender!

By The CG Essentials

In this video, we check out an awesome new shader that will give you the chance to create your very own waterfalls! It’s perfect for those looking to add some extra flair and beauty into their scenes. PLUS – it works with Eevee so whatever rendered image or video can benefit from these amazing effects too!


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0:00 – Introduction
0:26 – Realtime Waterfall Shader Location
1:47 – Applying shader to a new mesh
2:49 – Linking modifiers and materials to existing waterfall settings
3:21 – IMPORTANT – Applying UV Map
4:48 – Creasing Edges of Subdivided Mesh
5:27 – Adjusting UV Mapping for Proper Waterfall Location
8:32 – Applying vertex groups for unique displacement at waterfall and calm water
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