An Easy Way To Create A Vhs Or Vcr Effect In After Effects

Mike Ridolfi Uses a Few Simple Effects in Ae to Help Bring the Old VHS Look Back.

If you want the best, most flexible and robust After Effects look with classic VHS or video effects then Red Giant’s Universe is your go-to. For those who lack deep pockets but still need some serious pop in their videos–or for beginners looking to learn how it all works without investing too much money (like myself)–I would recommend checking out these tutorials:…
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Mike Ridolfi shows how to make a great-looking VHS tape effect that uses the following four effects in After Effects: Levels,Brightness and Contrast Mosiac Noise. The Venetian Blinds will have you looking back at those days of yore when all video rental stores had these kinds if gem!

In this, After Effects motion graphic tutorial we are going to look at how you can create an old VHS tape effect in the modern age. It’s easy using some of these simple yet powerful tools that come built into Adobe Creative Cloud programs like After Effect CS6 or more recent versions!

“After you are done, pre-comp the file and add an entirely black background behind the layer to show off your effects!”
I’ll let Ridolfi take it from here: “We did this in our video but didn’t mention it! You can see what we mean below.”