An Easy Way To Create A Walk Cycle Animation In After Effects

Move Shapes is a creative tool that makes it easy to create walk cycle animations without any of the work.

After Effects is a tool that not only has the power to create characters, but it also enables you with various tools and options for animation. From DUIK (a type of 3D rig) all the way down to Rubber Hose there’s no shortage in free or paid third-party solutions designed specifically around After Effect’s needs – making character rigging easier than ever!

The thing about creating animations this way though: while some may seem more complicated because they rely heavily on joints vs 2d moving, walking cycles are rather simple thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud memberships which includes accesses Motionographer Ultimate Bundle worth thousands dollars alone!.

The following is a short tutorial from Move Shapes (Peter Arumugam) who shows how to create an animation using only shape layers in After Effects. You can download the complete source file for this project by becoming one of his patrons!